Low uptake / high fall-out rate of trainee shearers in sa 

Dr Louis du Pisani
 October 16, 2017
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Sheep Shearing

Radio interview between Algoa FM (Agri Focus) and Dr. Louis Du Pisani (October 2015)

The shearing and wool-handling committee recently discussed a report on an investigation into the reasons why there is a low uptake and/or high fall-out rate of trainee shearers in South Africa. The National Woolgrowers' Dr Louis du Pisani, conducted interviews with instructors from the NWGA shearer training and wool-handling division, the two biggest shearing contractors, BKB and CMW, trainees who had joined the shearing industry and progressed to higher levels, shearers, as well as the Shearing Advisory Committee and SA Sheep Shearing Federation. Louis concludes his discussion by speaking on improving communication between shearing contractors, shearers and producers.

The interviews were broadcast over a three day period. 

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November 01, 2017
greetings, i was wondering if you can advise me where to buy the wool clipper that can shear about 150 to 200 sheep a day. where can i get the place selling the clippers at how much.
Admin - Izak Klopper, NWGA Manager: Shearer training
November 06, 2017
Thank you for your enquiry, you can contact EVOLAC, they are in Bloemfontein and their contact number is: 082 744 0983 (speak to either Danie or Francois). They sell machine shearing equipment and will be able to assist you.

The ability to shear 150-200 sheep per day does not lie with the clipper, but with the operator! Only well trained shearers, equipped with proper shearing equipment will be able to shear those numbers per day.

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Dr Louis du Pisani

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