Mission of the NWGA

The mission of the National Woolgrowers’ Association of SA (NWGA) is to promote profitable and sustainable wool sheep production.


Our motto is more sheep: more wool! The mission is supported by the following objectives:

  1. The promotion of an improved policy – and legislative environment.
  2. The creation of an effective production environment.
  3. The accomplishment of an improved market environment.
  4. The accomplishment of an empowered institutional environment in support of the wool industry.

Voice of the Wool farmer on various platforms, including policy and legislation, through:

  • Agri South Africa
  • Predation Management Forum (PMF)
  • Animal Health Forum (AHF)
  • Stock Theft Forum
  • Providing a Production Advisory Service

The NWGA production advisory service focuses on:

Commercial Areas

Communal areas (training and mentorship)

  • Information days
  • Economic Study groups
  • Discussion forums
  • Individual visits
  • Genetic improvement project
  • Shearing and flock competitions
  • Reproduction monitoring
  • Short courses and Shearer training
  • Predation management courses
  • Wool classing training
  • Establishment of black farmers as ram breeders to ultimately provide rams to communal areas
  • Development of Cooperatives

Our involvement impacted on industry threats and development that include:

  • A reduction in predation losses to less than 4% on participating farmers through demonstrations and training
  • Bio-security issues related to i.e. FMD and RVF
  • Availability of vaccines
  • Development partnerships with Government
  • T&D program that resulted in communal farmers to increase their income from wool through the formal auction system 88-fold to more than R132million/annum since 1997
  • Introduction of more than 36 000 quality rams into communal flocks since 2002 to improve the quality and quantity wool produced in communal areas
  • Drastically improving the livelihoods of rural communities

NWGA, reliable service provider

The NWGA has credibility with the national, provincial and local government structures, organised agriculture as well as international role-players such as the IWTO, development trusts, and producer organisations in other wool producing countries such as Australia and New Zealand.  The network is a big advantage to its members.

The NWGA is also an accredited service provider with AgriSETA, providing training in wool sheep production to farmers and farm workers in the commercial and emerging farming sectors.


(The English version is the Official version of the Constitution)


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