wool vs mutton in laingsburg 

Abraham Landman
 July 05, 2017
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Farm Economics



A comparison of the performance under field conditions of woolled and mutton sheep flocks in a low rainfall region of South Africa by Prof. Beatrice Conradie of UCT and Abraham Landman, NWGA Production Advisor.  Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR) Working Paper published by the CSSR, University of Cape Town.


"Farmers in extensive grazing areas should take notice of woolled sheep's ability to compete and the wool industry should pay attention to further improving the reproductive performance of this sheep type.  The finding of woolled sheep's apparent lower susceptibility to predators deserves further study as it could become a strong argument for why farmers ought to switch (back) to woolled sheep."


Refer to Working Paper No. 331 2013.





Raad oor skuld binne boerdery-opset

17 Julie 2014 - Dr. Louis du Pisani gesels met Algoa FM (Agri Fokus) oor hoe korttermynskuld toegeneem het.  Alhoewel dit steeds winsgewend is om met vee te boer en die netto-inkomste van veeproduksie met gemiddeld 7.4% gegroei het, het korttermynskuld van boere met 15.9% en algemene skuld met 15.5% toegeneem.  Hier gee hy raad aan produsente hoe hulle uit hul finansiële knyptang kan kom.


Belangrike faktore wat bydra tot winsgewende skaapboerdery

26 Augustus 2015 - Die vraag waarom sommige boere meer winsgewend en suksesvol as ander is, is die onderwerp van verskeie studies - plaaslik en internasionaal.  Groot diversiteit tussen boere maak dit moeilik om spesifieke suksesfaktore te identifiseer.  Algoa FM (Agrifocus) gesels met Dr. Louis du Pisani oor hierdie saak.

Agrifocus 26 Aug 2015

Agrifocus 27 Aug 2015

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