Who stocks woollen products?

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Eastern Cape
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KwaZulu Natal
Western Cape

House of Monatic - Johannesburg Regional Office

Wool - and Mohair Products at NWGA Bloemfontein Office

Wool - and Mohair Products at NWGA Caledon Office

Wool - and Mohair Products at NWGA Harrismith Office

Wool - and Mohair Products at NWGA Middelburg Office

Agents to contact

To buy wool

Luciano Bassini
luciano.basini@gmail.com, 072 626 5188

Gereld Solomon
geralds.za@gmail.com, (021) 531 2461

Yarn for knitting

For Sock weight, Moonlite Wool and Knitted and Crocheted products - Judi Sheard - (043) 735 3115 / 082 781 6882.

Natural designer fabric and yarn.


Stockists of woollen/wool blend suits, trousers, jackets, shirts, ties etc.  House of Monatic supplies to retail stores and not the general public.  However, products can be viewed on website with an online ordering system.   http://monatic.co.za/

Products can also be bought from factory shop situated in Salt River, Cape Town.  Address:  364 Victoria Road, Salt River.  Tel no (021) 442 9400.


The Diasock is an essential tool in maintaining good foot care for diabetics. A natural fibre cotton or wool sock is best to absorb sweat and moisture, which would otherwise be an ideal breading ground for bacteria and infection. This will also help to reduce friction and allowing the foot to breathe, thereby minimising blisters and ulcers forming.  For more information view the website:  http://www.diasock.co.za/

WOol is not just for jerseys

The wool was donated by the Wiese Business Trust of Loxton in the Northern Cape. The wool on the sheep was 6 years old when it was shed off late 2011. There should have been prints for 2 welfare organizations.

All the whitest pieces have been removed, spun, washed and pretty naturally bleached. The blanket was then attached to Christina Kiddies Center in Kimberley and then sold at an auction for R20 000, also wearing a blanket for the Eljada aftercare center in Oudtshoorn is also wool.

To find out more about the product, please contact Annette Oelofse, from ANNETTE OELOFSE MOHAIR PRODUCTS CC

www.mohairblanket.co.za ; www.mohair.mobi


Commercial weaving:  HINTERVELD 

Local Port Elizabeth fabric supplier to high-end European fashion houses.  Contact Mandy Wait on mandy@hinterveld.com  (http://www.hinterveld.com/)


Create your own, bespoke fabric, from scratch and using only the finest yarns with Sandi Gillman (https://www.westcliffweavery.com/)


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